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Public health in the Western Balkans - improvement in the field of public health and development of a "One Health" educational and scientific architecture in Western Balkan countries

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Master program “One Health” was developed within the EU funded TEMPUS project “1HEALTH” through evaluation of international trends/standards and surveyed needs of all stakeholders. The project consortium that had developed curriculum, alongside capacity building and improvement of teacher’s competencies at involved Western Balkan Faculties, included Universities from Milan, Barcelona, Porto and Ljubljana as the EU partners, Universities from Sarajevo, East Sarajevo, and Pristina as beneficiary partners, together with NGO and government agencies dealing with quality control and evaluation of the project and academic study programs.

Resulting curriculum received high remarks both through the internal evaluation and review of external international experts. After administrative procedure of approval and accreditation by national competent authorities in BiH, student enrolment procedure has been initiated in October, 2016. Even though the project itself envisaged 10 candidates, due to high interest, the number of candidate has been doubled; however the number of received application from all very eligible candidates was three times as higher.

Study program of “One Health” master includes 8 courses:

Each of the courses was conceptualized by international and multidisciplinary teams, correspondingly guided by teachers from Veterinary and Medical Faculties of BiH Universities. Recognition of this effort towards true multidisiciplinarity was mirrored in various professional backgrounds of applicants of which several were even other than biomedical professions. Teaching methodology for the courses also is significantly improved compared to existing standards in higher education in BiH, and includes principles of adult learning, problem based learning, interactive teaching and long-distance learning (on line course contents). Accepted candidates were officially welcomed by UNSA Rector, deans/vice-deans of participating Faculties and had their first lecture on 14.11.2016. This ceremony attended also by relevant government representatives and national media and results and achievements of Project 1HEALTH have been presented.

From Kosovo to Milan Tempus ONEHealth project moves excellent students

University of Pristina selected ten well-prepared students, five girls and five men, to assign them a scholarship for the international master Tempus ONEHealth. Thus, University of Milan hosted ten graduate students from Kosovo for two weeks: from June 19th 2016 until July 3rd 2016. Everything was prepared in detail already before their arrival. Prof. Valeria Grieco welcomed them in Milano, with a welcome kit of guidebooks and maps.

From Kosovo to Milan

From Kosovo to Milan

Immediately students seemed confident with the city and with the place they were about to live for two weeks, Rubattino Residence (students accommodations) – situated few minutes by Vet faculty.

On June 20th started the stage master programme. Excellent academic professors held various lectures: such as the one by Prof. Mortarino concerning Leishmania, a lecture by Prof. Ceciliani concerning Molecular biomarkers of animal welfare and a class by Prof. Canali concerning Animal welfare in EU. Many other visits, also cared by Prof. Grieco, Coordinator of the project, were organized: such as the one to Bovine Farm in Landriano or the one to Istituto Zooprofilattico in Brescia. In Lodi, students visited a slaughterhouse – precisely located in Inalca, a town close to Lodi - and the Istituto Zooprofilattico of the city. In addition, the visit of the Human hospital centre turned out to be very interesting as good follow-up meeting of Public Italian health system.

All students submitted a questionnaire of evaluation concerning subjects, professors and the quality of stage overall. Results all are positive: it seems they had the possibility to satisfy their individual expectations due to various and different activities organized. The evaluations are balanced between very satisfied (5 votes) and satisfied (5 votes).

Most of students are pleased to get their knowledge about public health and legislation of EU completed; others are content to get the idea of “One Health” examined in depth; others are satisfied about the knowledge concerning relationships among environment-human-animal. Food hygiene was also very important and interesting for students. This stage master programme has resulted useful for individual studies, but also for professional backgrounds. Letters of recommendation and diplomas by Prof. Grieco have proved the stage. The benefit of this international master program is also students’ approach to EU society and lifestyle.

Here some smiles from students’ experience!

Here some smiles from students’ experience!
Visiting Bovine Farm